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ABA Therapy: Answering Your Commonly Asked Questions

Applied Behavior Analysis is a type of approach that is used to understand and change behavior. It encompasses a range of strategies and techniques that help individuals with autism learn new skills and behaviors. ABA therapists in Duluth, Georgia work with individuals with autism and their loved ones along with other interventions to maximize its efficacy. Here, we answer your most commonly asked questions about ABA therapy:

  • Who is ABA therapy for?
    ABA therapy is recommended for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and has similarities and differences compared to other interventions like counseling or occupational therapy in Georgia. ABA therapy can help children with ASD become more independent by developing their self-care skills.
  • What is the goal of ABA?
    The ABA approach and its techniques help children with autism develop their self-care skills, as well as their skills in communication and play. Through ABA therapy services, children with autism learn to manage their behavior and reduce negative behaviors like aggression and inattention.
  • What does ABA for autism involve?
    Programs based on applied behavior analysis generally involve assessing a child’s skills and difficulties and setting goals. An ABA therapist designs and implements a program to develop the child’s skills and will make changes as needed to maximize its benefits.

ABA programs may use a range of teaching techniques like incidental teaching and sensory room activities. These programs may also use everyday situations and interactions as opportunities for children with autism to learn.

To learn more about ABA therapy and its benefits, get in touch with Able Autism Therapy Services. We encourage you to contact us to start the conversation about you and your child’s specific needs and situation to see how we can help.

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