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Behavioral Therapies to Address Autism in Children


Applied Behavioral Therapy and Occupational Therapy are popular behavioral therapies undergone to manage Autism in children. ABA seeks to help children develop skills and positive reinforcement to manage behaviors. It is conclusive of education regarding social skills, self-care, and communication skills. Problems with speech can be addressed by our speech-language pathologists at Able Autism Therapy Services.

Occupational therapy, on the other hand, helps children adapt to certain situations and learn to accomplish their personal care tasks. Learning can be in the form of play pretend or sensory room activities. With professional assistance, children will find it easier to complete their daily living activities.

As weird as it may sound, Therapeutic Horseback Riding can also be employed. It has similar features to applied behavioral therapy and some approaches in our occupational therapy in Georgia, but its focus is to improve your child’s gross and fine motor movements.

We conduct applied behavior analysis to know which therapy best fits your child’s needs to manage their condition. Thus, if you’re looking for reliable behavioral care providers, we’re the ones you can trust!

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