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Benefits of ABA Therapy to Children on the Spectrum


Applied behavioral analysis (ABA) is a time-tested therapy used extensively to treat children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). It uses a positive reinforcement or reward-based system to help children learn new behaviors. It focuses on teaching skills that are important to daily life.

Here at Able Autism Therapy Services, we believe your child will benefit from our ABA therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia. ABA therapy can do the following:

  • Teach children how to communicate in appropriate ways, so they can better interact with their family members, friends, and other people around them.
  • Enhance the learning process in children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • Help children to improve their cognitive abilities and also help them attain certain specific skills that will help them in daily life.
  • Improve children’s behavior and make them less aggressive and more capable of solving problems independently.

Our trusted ABA therapists study the child’s behavior and then try to change the behavior by focusing on particular areas. We work closely with parents and caregivers to create individualized plans for each child’s treatment program.

We offer a flexible approach to helping your child reach their potential through different activities such as social skills classes.

We’d love to discuss how ABA therapy could help your child. For more information about our autism therapy services in Georgia, contact us at 470-239-1946.

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