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Benefits of Early Intervention with ABA Therapy


Autism spectrum disorder is characterized as a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain. Children on the autism spectrum may have problems with restricted or repetitive behaviors and difficulty with social communication. Hence, due to its numerous benefits, ABA therapy services are often recommended at an early age.

As a provider of ABA and speech therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia, we will discuss the benefits of early intervention with ABA therapy:

  • Learn and develop play skills.

    Developing children typically learn how to play by observing their peers naturally. Children with autism, however, need to be taught how to learn from others. Often, they don’t prefer to interact with their peers or imitate in the same way. Through ABA therapy and pretend play activities, children with ASD are taught how to play and develop their social skills.

  • Catch up with their peers.

    When provided at an earlier age, ABA therapy can help children with autism develop their intellectual and educational functions. Early intervention is more beneficial as it promotes the development of certain skills that can help a child with autism “catch up” to their peers.

  • Enhanced neuroplasticity.

    Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to adapt and change based on experiences. When working with autism, early intervention means there is a better chance of changing and enhancing a child’s brain development. It can prevent challenging behaviors from becoming habits and help children with ASD become better prepared to start school.

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