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Benefits of Pediatric Occupational Therapy


Able Autism Therapy Services offers pediatric occupational therapy in Georgia to manage and even prevent developmental delays in children. The facilitation and participation of parents, teachers, and caregivers are vital in helping the child reach their full potential.

Similar to our speech therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia, the goal of pediatric occupational therapy is to teach the child to adapt. The only difference is the part of the body each therapy focuses on and the tools used.

Based on applied behavior analysis, adding the psychological principles of learning theory to modify behavior through occupational therapy is one of the most effective methods. As experts in the field, we assure you that your child will enjoy the following benefits of pediatric occupational therapy.

  • Develop cognition, practice their motor skills, and improve their sensory skills through our sensory room activities
  • Enhance the confidence and self-esteem of the child
  • Teach independence through self-help tasks like dressing and grooming
  • Analyze the child’s strength, endurance, and fine motor control
  • Assess the child’s visual-perceptual skills through a series of handwriting tasks

If you want your child to become more successful at home and in school, our pediatric occupational therapy services are right for them. We have a roster of occupational therapy providers who can address your child’s needs and give them treatment options with your permission as parents/guardians.

If you’re interested in trying our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

You can also get in touch with our speech-language pathologists to avail of our speech-therapy services and contact our ABA therapists for other therapy services we offer. Get in touch!

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