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Benefits of Pediatric Speech Therapy


Able Autism Therapy Services provides pediatric speech therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia, to improve your child’s overall communication.

Our speech-language pathologists utilize a combination of techniques and activities to manage language delays, speech disorders, stuttering, and feeding and swallowing difficulties, among others. They specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of communication disorders of your child.

Based on applied behavior analysis, after the speech therapy, your child is expected to:

  • Have improved communication skill which includes speech fluency, the ability to efficiently express oneself, and the ability to be understood by others, employing either pretend play or sensory room activities
  • Have enhanced vocal quality and solid speech muscles
  • Have reduced eating problems
  • Develop independence and self-esteem for an improved quality of life

For a higher success rate, entrusting your child to our roster of speech therapy providers is the best option. Our goal is to embark on a good path for your child to enjoy life in general through our speech therapy services and other therapies we offer. If you’re interested in trying our services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

You can also get in touch with our ABA therapists for other therapy services we offer, especially our occupational therapy in Georgia. Get in touch!

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