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Benefits of Playing Instruments for Children with ASD


Aside from art room, pretend-play, and sensory room activities, playing musical instruments can benefit children with autism. Here are some examples:

  • It is a way of self-expression.

    Playing a musical instrument can help children with autism express themselves, especially when other forms of self-expression and even communication can be challenging for them.

  • It can assist them with achieving goals.

    Learning how to play means that they are working on attaining small goals. With this experience, they can boost their confidence, improve their social skills, and achieve more goals in the future.

  • It increases their interaction with other people.

    Because music can connect with people, it can allow for social interactions. They can interact with music teachers, other children who want to learn, and even audiences.

  • It improves their fine motor skills.

    Playing musical instruments entails the coordination of different muscles; thus, it can benefit children with autism with developmental delays in their fine motor skills.

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