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Calming and Organizing Activities to Manage ASD


Signs and symptoms of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder vary. Others experience hypersensitivity but others manifest hyposensitivity. Hypersensitivity makes your child over-responsive. You will see them shake their hands even if there’s no need to, they pace back and forth, and make strange noises, whereas hyposensitivity will cause them to be under-responsive. During pretend play activities, for instance, they won’t feel pain despite being bumped into or having skinned their knee.

Both hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity can cause harm to your child, so as providers of Autism therapy services in Georgia, Able Autism Therapy Services recommend organizing and calming activities to address these concerns.

Applied behavior analysis states that organizing activities help hyposensitive children activate their senses when they do activities where they can engage their muscles and joints. Thus, we recommend highly stimulating yet safe activities like jumping on trampolines and passing the ball games. On the other hand, painting, listening to music, and breathing exercises are calming activities recommended for hypersensitive children.

These activities might appear easy, but guidance from behavioral health professionals is still needed. ABA Therapists in our facility are experts in managing ASD in children. If anything goes wrong, they have the knowledge and skills to respond during the situation.

Allow us to help your child. Contact us to get started with our ABA therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia!

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