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Common Indicators of Autism in Children


Being a promoter of occupational therapy in Georgia, we are knowledgeable about the common telltale signs and symptoms that may indicate a child has autism.

According to ABA therapists, young children with autism may avoid eye contact, not respond to their name being called, and not smile back at you when you smile at them. They may also get upset or frustrated with certain sounds, smells, and tastes. You may also notice that they don’t enjoy talking with other children and doing pretend play. They may keep on repeating certain phrases and show repetitive movements like rocking their body back and forth, flicking their fingers, or flapping their hands.

On the other hand, older children with autism may not seem to understand the feelings and thoughts of those around them and may often take things literally. They may want to follow a very strict everyday routine and get upset or frustrated if there are any changes. They may find it difficult to make friends as they, most likely, prefer to be alone and have trouble expressing or saying how they feel. Furthermore, they will be very specific about the activities or subjects that they want to partake in.

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