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Dealing with Public Meltdowns of Children with Autism


Through applied behavior analysis, it was found that when children with Autism find themselves in an overwhelming situation, they tend to experience meltdown. This is an intense emotional response after getting exposed to an environment that is overstimulating.

Dealing with this meltdown may not be the first thing you want in the morning, but this reaction is not your children’s fault. Calming them down without scolding or hurting them should be your first priority.

Able Autism Therapy Services, your provider of behavioral, occupational, and speech therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia, recommends the following tips:

  • Be patient. Hurting your children will just worsen the situation, so just patiently give them a moment to breathe.
  • Encourage healthy communication. Ask if your child needs help or they can calm down by themselves. Respond according to their reply.
  • Eradicate the source. If a certain thing or place causes them to meltdown, it’s best you keep them away from the source as soon as possible. If it’s not a healthy environment for your child, find a place that is.
  • Utilize diversion. Bring their favorite toys or give them headphones so they can listen to music. This will help shift their attention and calm them down.

In order to avoid situations like this, we recommend our occupational Therapy in Georgia. This will help your child adapt to certain situations and avoid public autistic meltdowns.

Social skills classes are also offered in our facility to teach children with autism important social skills that don’t come naturally, especially for those with social anxiety and pubic meltdown tendencies.

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For speech and language concerns of your children, we also have expert speech-language Pathologists in our facility. Get in touch!

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