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Debunking the Most Common Myths About Autism


Being one of the top ABA therapists in Georgia, we have come across a lot of myths concerning the disorder. Let us discuss and disprove some of the more prevalent misconceptions.

  • Autistic children are unable to build meaningful relationships.
    Many have assumed that people with ASD are incapable of forming connections. Yet, the actual truth is that they can make connections and have the drive to develop relationships.
  • Individuals with autism are aggressive.
    Although some autistic individuals have engaged in aggressive behavior, this is typically caused by mental discomfort or sensory overload. Although this is typical in young children, as they grow and slowly develop their communication skills, these aggressive inclinations lessen.
  • Medicine can heal autism.
    As previously said, autism is a lifelong disorder. Medication may not be able to cure ASD but with the help of early treatment, individuals with ASD may be able to live independent and productive lives.

Able Autism Therapy Services is a high-quality provider of therapy services, such as ABA therapy and speech therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia. We exist to help our clients, especially those with ASD or autism spectrum disorder, to live more independent, comfortable, and happier lives.

We offer a variety of programs that can provide stimulation to children with ASD, such as pretend play activities, sensory room activities, art room sessions, and more.

We also provide social skills classes to help improve and maintain our client’s social and communication skills.

If you are looking for an exceptional provider of occupational therapy in Georgia, then look no further. You may contact us today at 470-239-1946 for more information.

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