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How to Support Your Child’s Progress


Parents are an integral part of their child’s development. For children on the autism spectrum, parents and legal guardians play a crucial role in their child’s ABA therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia. By supporting their child’s progress outside of therapy sessions, parents can help their child achieve better outcomes and make faster progress.

One way that parents can support their child’s progress is by reinforcing positive behaviors at home. ABA therapists often use positive reinforcement techniques, such as offering rewards for desired behaviors, to help children learn new skills. But, this is as good as it is designed to be done in a controlled setting – in the session room. Parents can continue this reinforcement at home by offering praise and rewards for positive behaviors.

Parents can communicate regularly with their child’s ABA therapist to stay informed about their child’s progress and provide feedback. This can help the therapist tailor the therapy plan to meet the child’s unique needs – for example, providing social skills classes to improve communication.

When there is a supportive home environment that promotes learning and development, there is so much space and opportunities for play, exploration, and socialization, as well as offering support and encouragement as their child learns new skills.

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