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How to Teach Independence to a Child With Autism


As a provider of autism therapy services in Georgia, we understand the value of independence in children with autism. We want to help them gain the right skills and tools to build a strong foundation for the many years to come. Here are some tried-and-tested ways to teach independence to children with autism:

  • Strengthen their communication skills.
    According to speech-language pathologists, a child struggling with spoken language needs to improve how to communicate and express his or her feelings and preferences in order to help increase independence.
  • Create a visual schedule.
    Having a visual schedule can help your child jump from one activity to another much better. Review or let them check their schedule before transitioning to another activity so they can complete their tasks independently over time.
  • Build their leisure skills.
    Let them discover what activities or subjects interest them and allow them to engage in leisure and recreation independently. They can join pretend play activities, music groups, get involved in martial arts, team sports, or participate in swimming lessons.
  • Let them work on chores at home.
    One of the best ways you can teach them the value of responsibility and independence at home is through letting them take part in doing household chores. Involving them in family activities and routines will provide them with useful skills that they can take until they mature.

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