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Possible Origins of Autism Spectrum Disorder


Applied Behavior Analysis found that Autism Spectrum is a range of neurological and developmental disorders.Although numerous studies and experiments have been conducted to pinpoint the origins of ASD, where it primarily came from and the question about how it is acquired are still left unanswered.

Scientists found genetic mutations and combinations to be highly associated with ASD. However, not everyone with ASD is found to have genetic mutations. This inconsistency led to the conclusion that these mutations determine a specific type of ASD and its mildness or severity.

Other causes of ASD are the following:
  • Exposure to chemicals
  • Problems with brain connections
  • Abnormal growth of an area of the brain
  • Break down of the immune system

As providers of ABA therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia, Able Autism Therapy Services offers help to children with ASD to alleviate and manage their symptoms.

Through our behavioral health services and the guidance of our ABA Therapists, you can be confident that your child will achieve optimum mental health regardless of their condition.

We utilize a comprehensive and collaborative approach to teach socially acceptable behaviors to children with autism through a variety of activities and programs, such as social skills classes.

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