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Promoting Positive Behaviors in Children with Autism


Children with autism often struggle with positive behaviors and might behave in challenging ways because they have difficulty understanding what’s happening around them. Moreover, children with autism may not control certain behaviors, such as avoiding eye contact or hand flapping. Hence, Hence, ABA Therapists in Duluth, Georgia, are often recommended to address challenging behaviors early.

As a trusted provider of autism therapy services in Georgia, we will discuss ways to promote positive behaviors in children on the autism spectrum:

  • Set clear expectations and routines.

    Most children with autism thrive with routine and structure. Hence, develop a routine of activities to create a consistent schedule. It will decrease the frequency or severity of challenging behaviors. Establish clear expectations and keep them realistic by remembering your child’s abilities and limitations.

  • Offer rewards using positive feedback.

    Include positive interactions or praise statements to encourage positive behavior. Catch your child being good, and be specific with your feedback. You can also use positive reinforcement by rewarding or praising your child when they start a task or complete a specific step to help them build momentum.

  • Use redirection as a preventive strategy.

    Redirection entails guiding children when they are misbehaving. Redirecting your child can be a preventive strategy that interrupts challenging behavior and redirects the child to more productive activity. Speech-language pathologists can help build communication and social skills to help your child understand verbal redirections.

We at Able Autism Therapy Services understand that each child is different. Hence, we offer various services that range from art room activities to applied behavior analysis in Duluth, Georgia. Contact us to learn how we can help you and your child.

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