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Tips for Maximizing Play for Children With Autism

Children learn about the world around them through play, and that includes children who are on the autism spectrum. In addition to ABA therapy and occupational therapy in Georgia, it’s important to develop your child’s play to help him or her practice and learn new skills. This may include the ability to explore the environment, take turns, share items, communicate, and more. Likewise, here are tips for making the most of play for children with ASD:

  • Encourage play in various settings.
    Encourage your child to engage in play in different social situations and environments. For instance, if your child loves to play with building blocks, encourage him or her to play at a friend’s house. Reward your child for doing so and when they use their skills in different places with different people.
  • Use play to develop everyday skills.
    Play can also teach children with autism crucial everyday skills. Pretend play activities that involve dress-ups can help children learn how to dress themselves. Similarly, tasks like learning how to clean up after playing can be incorporated into the play activity, so the child can learn.
  • Leverage your child’s strengths.
    Observe your child when he or she plays and talk to their ABA therapy services provider to learn their thinking and learning strengths. These strengths can be used to your child’s advantage. If your child is a visual learner, for instance, use this strength by using pictures when performing the different steps of an activity or game.

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