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Developing Social Skills for Children with Autism


Social skills are often a challenge for children with autism, but ABA therapy can be an effective way to help them develop these important skills.

With evidence-based strategies to promote socialization, ABA therapists can help cultivate the necessary social skills – teaching children how to make eye contact, take turns, and engage in conversation.

There are various strategies that autism therapy services in Georgia use to build social skills. Social stories are short stories that help children understand social situations and appropriate behaviors. Role-playing involves acting out social situations with a therapist or family member, while video modeling involves watching videos of social interactions and discussing them.

To reinforce social skills outside of therapy sessions, ABA therapists work closely with parents and teachers to ensure that the child is practicing and using these skills in real-world settings, such as at school or in the community. Comprehensive speech therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia can provide a complimentary learning path to improve communication.

Able Autism Therapy Services uses a variety of ways to encourage learning. One of our many learning activities includes art room sessions. Visit our page for more information or see us in action.

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