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What Approaches Are Used in ABA Therapy?


ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy uses a variety of methods to help children whose behavior could be improved change in the way they act.

Here are four of these effective strategies:

  1. Useful Reinforcement
    A child with special needs who has trouble learning or interacting socially may not know how to respond in certain situations. One way to get people to do good things in social situations is to reward them right away for it. This will make them more likely to do it again in the future.
  2. Negative Reinforcement
    When maladaptive behaviors occur, they must be changed without delay. Removing a desirable object or activity from a child is an effective method for correcting bad behavior. This is a non-aversive method of punishment. Moreover, negative reinforcement must be constant for the child to comprehend the relationship between behavior and consequence.
  3. Using cues and prompts
    Prompts are verbal or visual cues that encourage a specific behavior. Verbal cues are gentle reminders, and visual cues, which could be a gesture or a glance, are even less direct. This visual signal will remind the child to behave in a straightforward manner.
  4. Task Analysis
    Rather than reprimanding or reinforcing the child’s behavior, this is a model for analyzing the child’s current behavioral tendencies and activities. The child psychologist observes the child’s performance on a given task.

Once the ABA therapists have examined how the child performs tasks, this information is used to simplify additional tasks for the child by breaking them down into steps that are easily comprehended.

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