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Strategies for Building Your Child’s Social Skills

Social skills help all children know how to act in various social situations and are crucial for building relationships and learning. However, many children with autism struggle with their social skills. In addition to social skills classes in Duluth, Georgia, there are other ways to develop your child’s social skills. Here are some strategies that help children with autism build their social skills:

  • Practice Play
    Practice play skills with your child by using toys to act out scenes. Younger children may respond more to movement games like Simon Says, hide-and-seek, or red light/green light. These types of games prompt your child to take turns and follow rules, which will help him or her learn.
  • Social Skills Training
    Social skills training helps children with autism develop their social skills in a structured way. Speech-language pathologists or ABA therapists offer social skills training sessions to teach children how to communicate and socialize effectively. This helps address behavioral and social challenges.
  • Role-play
    Utilize role-play before play dates or social events. Perform a role-play where you practice playing games that the children may play together or practice talking about things, such as what you have been watching on TV or what you ate for lunch. Acting out and practicing how to behave or what to say in certain social situations will help your child feel more comfortable and help develop social skills.
  • Visual Supports
    Visual supports are used in autism therapy services in Georgia to help children with autism learn new or remember new skills. Depending on your child’s learning needs, visual supports can be checklists, pictures, or prompt cards.

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