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The “Whats” and “Hows” of Pretend Play Activities


Being superheroes, tea parties, dress-ups, and playing “mommies and daddies” are some of the pretend play activities children commonly do. These activities require thinking skills. Hence, they start getting noticeable to children at four years of age.

ABA therapists at Able Autism Therapy Services claim that when children play pretend, they use things to pretend they are someone or something else. Furthermore, they tend to attribute properties to objects. For instance, during tea parties, they can associate the adjective “hot” with a cup of tea. Lastly, they refer to invisible objects.

Pretend play is conclusive in our ABA therapy in Alpharetta, Georgia, and it involves:

  • Decentring
  • Character Role Playing
  • Playing Out a Story

Decentring involves playing with objects as if they are alive while playing out a story involving acting a logical and sequential story that helps the child learn cause and effect. These methods, when carried out correctly, can modify a child’s behavior according to applied behavior analysis.

Children with autism, however, have difficulty doing pretend play activities because they have trouble generating the necessary ideas and actions. Ergo, we offer autism therapy services in Georgia as a solution for this.

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